Travers translates the English country cottage style into urban and rural living in America. With its eclectic mix of patterns, the brand creates traditional textile art with a new and modern twist. Classic woven materials, embroidered linen and elaborate prints form the basis upon which Travers develops its comfortable, inviting style. Pure luxury without affectation.
  • Exotic Journeys View

    Exotic Journeys

    Romantic escape is the inspiration for the Travers 2018 collection Exotic Journeys.
  • Love Letters View

    Love Letters

    The Travers 2017 collection is a love letter to the tradition of American interior design.
  • New Classics View

    New Classics

    The distinctive voice of American interior decoration has always been the inspiration for the Travers collection. Beautiful silk damasks and velvets, traditional prints and luxurious upholstery fabrics are at the heart of the Travers decorating point of view.
  • Yorkshire View


    Stately homes and Coastal retreats to welcome family, friends and guests with an emphasis on the refined art of entertaining is the genesis for the Travers 2015 Yorkshire collection.
  • Carlyle View


    The Carlyle Collection offers embroideries, woven jacquards and an assortment of prints to create this three-book offering for Spring of 2014
  • Stanmore View


    The new Travers Collection was inspired by a design trip to India where our designer attended an exhibit on the famous fashion photographer, Norman Parkinson, called “Pink is the Navy Blue of India”.
  • Equinox | Antalya | Bodrum | Odessa View

    Equinox | Antalya | Bodrum | Odessa

    TRAVERS introduces its Spring 2012 collection, with inspiration from diverse cultural experience; composed in four unique collections: EQUINOX, ANTALYA, BODRUM und ODESSA (WARNER FABRICS).
  • Windermere View


    The Windermere Collection establishes Travers as a link to understated luxury, shared by the prestigious and famous guests of Windermere Island.
  • Entrada View


    The Entrada Collection is a journey through time and historical design periods that allows for the “New Traditional” expression. While based on the Travers design esthetic, the “New traditional” is able to be explored and discovered.