Hodsoll McKenzie

With Hodsoll McKenzie, the British way of life is brought into the world of Zimmer + Rohde. Inspired by the British classics, these subtle but sophisticated creations made of linen, silk, wool and cotton offer traditional designs with modern flair. Fresh, subtle colours in sleek nuances or discrete patterns characterise the homely, exclusive atmosphere of Hodsoll McKenzie.

  • Bohemian View


    English interiors have always included an inspired mix of the traditional and the exotic. Since the days of the Empire when treasures from the Far East and Africa mixed with floral prints and fine velvets, the English home created a romantic blend of the familiar with the unexpected. It’s this spirit of world travel and artistic expression that defines the new Hodsoll McKenzie Bohemian collection.
  • Discovery View


    Hodsoll McKenzie’s Discovery collection is an adventure in colour, quality and design. The signature Hodsoll McKenzie look is enriched by a deeper colour palette that includes indigo, olive, ocher and burgundy.
  • Invitation View


    The Hodsoll McKenzie 2016 collection is an invitation to a world of relaxed elegance and charm.
  • Harmony View


    With an emphasis on the uniting influence of color, the Harmony Collection brings together traditional with contemporary, formal with casual, textural with smooth, dry with luster, all framed by the Hodsoll McKenzie signature look of natural elegance.
  • Interiors View


    From the storybook hamlets of the Cotswolds to the toney, trend setting neighborhoods of London, England never fails to inspire and delight.
  • Evolution View


    The Hodsoll McKenzie collection EVOLUTION, takes inspiration from the textiles of Mali, Japan, Uzbekistan and India to the period style of mid-century modern and draws on multiple sources to weave together an individual, personalized approach to design.
  • Lineage View


    The Hodsoll McKenzie collection speaks to the origins of the brand as a distinctly English aesthetic expressed in a focused colour palette well suited for the easy elegance of today’s interior design.
  • Oasis View


    Creating a calm, relaxed personal retreat is a luxury in our time of fast paced technology. This season Hodsoll McKenzie offers the designer endless possibilities to create timeless interiors reflecting individual style and personality.
  • Landscape View


    The Hodsoll McKenzie collection 2010 expands to introduce more depth and dimension to its existing patterns and solids with its Landscape collection for 2010. True to tradition, Hodsoll McKenzie represents the height of formal and casual luxury with emphasis on beautiful natural fibres and traditional weaving and printing techniques.