Etamine reflects the French way of life. With a Mediterranean feel and an unmistakeable joie de vivre, the brand embodies a bright and romantic lust for life. The light, fresh colours, which span both soft and intense tones, are combined with floral prints on sophisticated linen or elegant silk. Etamine lends every room a unique atmosphere with a perfectly stylish natural effect.
  • Carnet de Voyage – Jardin de Fragonard View

    Carnet de Voyage – Jardin de Fragonard

    The Carnet de Voyage is a travel journal that captures impressions and little souvenirs such as spices, pictures and other fragments of exotic atmospheres.
  • Marche Dakar - Partie de Campagne View

    Marche Dakar - Partie de Campagne

    Marché Dakar reflects the vivacity of a teeming, crowded marketplace in an exotic location. Since ancient times, the market has always been a meeting point for people, wares and cultures alike.
  • Cosmos - Saison View

    Cosmos - Saison

    Italian brand Ardecora revels in exquisite decor and sensual opulence. Heavy velvet and the finest silks, artfully embellished damask and sensual velour structures – whoever has a soft spot for refined details and breathtaking effects will love the elegant extravagance of Ardecora.
  • Granville et Porquerolles View

    Granville et Porquerolles

    With Granville and Porquerolles, the new Etamine collection conjures up a poetic vision of spring freshness and summer heat, a journey from the Channel coast to the shores of the Mediterranean.
  • Optimiste View


    The poetry to be found within nature and the art it inspires is at the heart of the new Etamine collection
  • Itineraires View


    The Etamine collection reworks its motifs and colours in extrovert, exuberant and chic combinations. Origins and references are mixed together, spontaneously recomposing shapes and patterns in minimal or oversized scale.
  • Mura | Alpine | Place de Valois View

    Mura | Alpine | Place de Valois

    The collection MURA clearly opts for modernity and pays homage to the designers of the 1950’s. The ALPINE collection reinterprets the spirit of the traditional chalet, while instilling an air of modernity. Elegant and refined, the collection PLACE DE VALOIS reflects the Parisian spirit.
  • Evasion | Paradis View

    Evasion | Paradis

    Etamine takes us on a voyage around the world discovering sophisticated ethnic cultures and exploring islands of paradise.
  • La Dame aux Camelias View

    La Dame aux Camelias

    Etamine depicts the elegant and happy French Art de Vivre with its three new collections - La dame aux camélias, Eole, Tyrol -. Each has its own luminous colour palette ranging from subtle and sophisticated urban hues, to the light fresh colours of the sea side and the warm tones of the mountains.