Italian brand Ardecora revels in exquisite decor and sensual opulence. Heavy velvet and the finest silks, artfully embellished damask and sensual velour structures – whoever has a soft spot for refined details and breathtaking effects will love the elegant extravagance of Ardecora.
  • Palladio View


    Veneto, with its many palazzi and romantic gardens, is an architectural marvel. Immersed in the style of the Renaissance and nestled among picturesque hills, this region is famous for clear lines and the unique design language of architect Andrea Palladio. The collection is a loving homage to the villas and gardens designed by the Italian master. Graceful and stylish, it takes inspiration from Palladio’s characteristic style and revives it over five hundred years later in the collection’s designs.
  • Cinecitta View


    The new Ardecora collection, Cinecittà, was inspired by Italy’s most famous film studio.
  • Palio di Siena View

    Palio di Siena

    The new Ardecora collection Palio di Siena was inspired by its eponymous, richly traditional Tuscan city. Siena, with its palaces, frescoes and famous Palio di Siena horse race, combines tradition with modernity and passion.
  • Emozioni di Milano View

    Emozioni di Milano

    Milan, the Italian city of demure nobility and creativity, is the inspiration behind the new Ardecora collection.
  • La Traviata View

    La Traviata

    Just like an opera performance, La Traviata invites you on a journey to discover exciting, mysterious and expressive emotions.
  • Milla e Una Notta View

    Milla e Una Notta

    Mille e una notte, 1001 Arabian Nights – The legendary collection of eastern tales is the namesake for the Ardecora autumn collection.
  • Les Annees Folles View

    Les Annees Folles

    This year’s Ardecora collection entitled Les Années Folles has been inspired by the Twenties when life in the cities of Berlin, Paris, London and New York was flourishing.
  • IL Caravaggio View

    IL Caravaggio

    Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio – the avantgarde painter, famous for his use of light, drama and sensuality. His idiosyncratic style and his unique use of light and shade have had an enduring effect on the work of many prominent artists. Caravaggio‘s works, as well as his life story, shaped by passions with emotional highs and lows, continue to have a seminal effect on the history of painting even today. The refined elegance of the new Ardecora collection “Il Caravaggio “ reflects the varied personality of this eccentric artist.
  • Tiziano | Boticelli View

    Tiziano | Boticelli

    The Ardecora collection Botticelli | Tiziano was inspired by the spirit of the Italian Renaissance. The collection abandons all that is unnecessary, emphasising instead that which is dignified and discreet and makes space for the design - the subtle colourings effectively provide a canvas for it.
  • Diva | Vibration View

    Diva | Vibration

    Maria Callas, Greta Garbo and the very first Diva in the history of opera, Maria Malibran, are fascinating icons – muses and goddesses who still inspire dreams. Inspired by the powerful aura of these exceptional women, the DIVA collection manifests emotion in colour, texture, and form.